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For All Your Paving Needs, RJ & Sons Is The Commercial Paving Company For You!

Are you a property manager or general contractor who is looking for a commercial paving company in Anne Arundel County? Are you looking for a team of professionals who are passionate about providing an end result that not only meets your expectations but far surpasses them?

Do you have in mind a small residential paving repair or a large commercial project? Do you need a team to care for shopping center paving or access road paving? Whatever your paving needs may be, we are happy to provide you with details of what we do and why we are the professional team for you.

Small Commerical Paving Projects And Repair Work

Just because we are a commercial paving company it sure doesn’t mean that we only take on big jobs. In fact, we love to come to the aid of all clients, the ones who just require small repair work to existing paving or a small commercial paving project undertaking, as well as clients who have higher ambitions. So whether you have a small residential task that you need help with or need advice about an asphalt paving issue that seems to require repair work, we are your team!


Parking Lot Paving And Access Road Paving

The landscape of any project is crucial to how well the project will look when it is completed. Pretty much all contractors and property managers, including you, we are sure, are well aware of how the effort and attention that goes into the landscaping at the start can be the making or breaking of the satisfaction levels at the end of the day. Access road paving, as well as parking lot paving, are part of the commercial paving work that we provide.

With a wealth of experience as a commercial paving company, we understand that these areas need to be both created and maintained to a very high level of quality. Often hundreds of vehicles drive over these surfaces on a daily basis, what could be more important than getting the right quality foundation at the very start? And once that solid, quality paving has been carried out, the general repair and maintenance work will be much easier than trying to patch up a bad job time and time again! Indeed, when it comes to parking lot paving and access road paving, we are your team!

Shopping Center Paving

The paving work around shopping centers takes a lot of traffic, it also requires a high level of safety measures to ensure that all feet and tires are safe and sound. We understand the needs of this type of paving and provide the skill, knowledge, and choices to ensure that all clients are more than satisfied with the long-term finish.


Why Choose RJ & Sons Paving

Over 4 Decades Of Experience

The work of paving is a complex one. No two jobs are the same and a high-level fo trouble-shooting on the job is often needed. That is why a great paving company is going to come with plenty of experience, ideally years.

We are proud to say that we have over 40 years of experience in this fascinating world. It is these 40 years of knowledge, passion, and skill that we bring to each and every job as a top commercial paving company.


Our Credentials Speak For Themselves

Do you know what one of the best compliments is that a business can receive? It’s when a happy client tells someone else about what we did and that ‘someone else’ hires us. If that happened every now and then we would be fairly happy, if it happened quite frequently we would be even happier, but how about if 80 percent of our new work came from referrals?

Now that would be quite something, right? We are very proud to say that that’s us! With such a high percentage of work coming from the happy words of previous clients, we are sure we are doing more than a little something right!

Now that we have given you a little introduction to who we are and what we do, we would love to learn something about you! Why not get in touch with RJ & Sons paving today and tell us about your current paving needs? We are and ready and waiting to be your team!

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