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Are you a resident of Anne Arundel County looking for a paving company for your home? You should hire the best in the business and guarantee yourself a project that will last long. RJ & Sons Paving is the company to call if you are looking for a trustworthy paving company that will give you the best quality of paving.

Call RJ & Sons Paving in Anne Arundel, MD today to get the best residential paving services at affordable costs. We are a residential paving company, serving Annapolis, MD  that offers paving services you can rely on.

Our Services

Driveway Re-paving

If you have asphalt paving, then you know that it may need some adjustments with time to make it more durable. Asphalt paving on your driveway can be repaved using the same material. The driveway can be repaved to increase curb appeal even when you feel that it is not worn out. The erosion from weather elements can cause the driveway to get cracked. Re-paving ensures that these cracks are filled so that your residence does not look beat down.


New Driveway Paving

This involves using asphalt to make the paving smooth and appealing. Hot mix asphalt is used to pave the driveway and this guarantees a good number of years. We install new paving with straight edges and even thickness. With the right maintenance, your driveway paving will last long. One other benefit of asphalt paving is that it is easy to maintain and great for noise reduction.


Asphalt Driveway Repairs

Asphalt, like any other material, can get damaged from too much exposure to the elements. These, especially water and snow can seep into the cracks and cause further deterioration of the paving. Repairs are made by adding hot asphalt to close the fissures so that the surface is smooth once more. We also use seal coating to ensure that the cracks or holes in the driveway are covered.


Asphalt Driveway Resurfacing

This entails removing your existing driveway, although the base is left intact. The asphalt is used on the already compacted base to form a new surface. This can be done if you want your driveway to look new and add to the general aesthetics of the home. Resurfaced asphalt driveways last longer and ensure that your home looks good from the moment you get in. Resurfacing also increases the strength of your driveway in an overall sense.

We are contractors that provide these services to our customers at very affordable costs. We are a company that people trust because we always deliver what we promise.

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Why Choose Us


We are a residential paving company that has been in the business for over 40 years, which means that we have the expertise needed to give the best quality of results. In the four decades that we have done the job, we have acquired new skills and tips that we use to improve our client’s driveways and make them last longer. We know what each job entails and give our advice freely to the clients that need any information on residential paving.


Licensed And Insured

We are a licensed company, so all our personnel are certified. This guarantees our clients that we will always provide the best services in Anne Arundel. We know the value of good quality and this is why our work speaks for itself. We are also insured because we know that no homeowner wants to pay for extra costs in case of a mishap during the job.


Reasonable Costs

Our prices match the great quality of work that we offer. We aim to give each client the worth of their money. With our paving company, you are certain that your money is not going to waste because the work we do lasts long. Call us today to get an estimate for your residential paving.


Solid Reputation

We have numerous clients that have relied on our paving services and not regretted it one bit. This is because we aim to have a great professional relationship with our clients. We pay attention to detail, so we take into account proper drainage, a smooth finish and flush transitions for the driveway.

Call RJ & Sons Paving today and enjoy the services of experts from a trusted residential paving company.

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